Title: Silence
Medium: India ink, acrylic, micron marker, Lithograph print collage
Size: 76″x48″
Year: 2004


“We had a nice summer. We went to Disney world. With light shows and special effects, we didn’t know what that implied. We didn’t care much about politics. That was when the genetic time bomb went off. A microscopic explosion laid out the events to come. She never had a chance. The invasion was to take everything, secure the area, put up headquarters, antennas to communicate, plans to expand. they ran along her highway, cutting off any supplies and help, converting others to believe. And they had their freedom. Everywhere started to look alike. What was once unique is buried under rubble. Two years in remission and we thought it was the end. Then they kidnapped her. For the first time, she felt body and mind separating. Unable to act, she frantically shook. Her body could no longer bear its own weight. She looked in the mirror and saw nothing. And in her sleep, she was silenced.”

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