Title: Monster
Medium: India ink, Silksreen, acrylic, micron marker
Size: 76″x48″
Year: 2004


The door at my grandparents’ apartment was heavy. The look-out window on the door rattled easily when there was a strong breeze. When we were little, my brother and I thought that this door could stop monsters from coming in, and all the while, we would be able to see them through the look-out window. We didn’t quite grow up before we left behind the safety offered by this door.

We weren’t there when the monsters came. BANG BANG they pounded. Sitting in her wheel chair with half a mind, my grandma knew nothing of it. My uncle and aunt hid in their room, and my grandpa quickly got on the phone with the police.

Bang Band they pounded.

The walls crumbled and the door stood meaningless. The powerful spiraling arms dragged everything into the singularity even home cannot escape. Four towering high-rise apartments can fit into this space, but the mind cannot. The space in every dream might change but the door did not. I can still hear the rattling of the look-out window. Rattled by a strong breeze.

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