Heroes and Villains

Title: Violence series: Heroes and Villains
Medium: Acrylic, Ink, and Micron Brush pen on Paper
Size: 19″x20 ½”
Year: 2005


“It is a quiet moment in our day, an orderly activity we call lunch. He sat in his blue chair and she sat in her red. He seems to be exhausted, after running away with her doll’s arm, multiple times. She is too, after her crying, complaining about all his wrong doings, and telling me secrets of potential ones to come.

They smile and are excited about making choices for their sandwiches. Such simple pleasure we carry to our adulthood when we splurge in a fancy restaurant.

I no longer need to worry about them flicking food at each other, cause they know better. I turn around for my take-the-edge-off drink and proceed to do some cleaning.

Then a click: one is closing the door as the other stuffs the cat in the microwave. One second away from certain death. I intercede. One smack on the behind, then two. They cry hysterically. I ask them when they are going to stop. Their answer is suppressed between fits and sobs.”

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