8 minutes

Title: 8 Minutes
Medium: Acrylic, India Ink, Pencil crayon, Micron pen, Digital & Monoprint collage
Size: 24″x19″
Year: 2004


“We experience our life under the gravity of the sun. It takes 8 minutes for the sunlight to reach the earth. It takes a lifetime to get there. In that 8 minutes, we could have started all over again, or ended what we shouldn’t have been doing. In that 8 minutes, on the other side where light does not reach, someone could have slipped and fallen. In the same 8 minutes, on the brighter side, we continue to laugh and eat, or be more Californian. The last 8 minutes happened. At 81/2, a phone call could bring our minds to a place where our bodies could not… The light cuts through the cosmic memories in a dance. The light lets you grow but kills you slow. In a number game, we reduce the light into a string that connects us all. This string we feel cannot be detected. The light illuminates a form that stands between 2 mirrors endlessly reflecting each other. The images are merged into the darkness we called forgetfulness and the unknown. This form in-between is 8 minutes.”

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